( Temporal, Rendering, Insight, Portal)

Project Length: 10 Months


In my Objects and Space class we were assigned to design an urban installation that creates a delightful and valuable experience for the inhabitants of Market Street in San Francisco. T.R.I.P is an urban installation that projects different eras of Market Street and gives people the opportunity of self expression and collaboration.


We wanted to begin the project by understanding the people of Market Street. In order to do that we conducted a variety of activities to identify what captures people's attention, how to get them to engage, and what things they were comfortable with.


Key Moment:   A man that was drawing caught the attention of people walking by and this caused them to stop and watch. When the man finished his drawing another man from the crowd came up and asked to add onto the image that the first man had just finished.

Learnings:  In our research we learned that people enjoyed the opportunity of self expression, engaging with something delightful, and were curious about these different drawing boards that prompted them to engage. 

Design principles

From our research we decided that we wanted to design something that would allow people to express themselves, collaborate with people they would generally never speak to, and capture people's attention.


Next steps

Develop a form that is better suiting for the space and build off the standard way of drawing to be more interactive.